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Xavier Bonner - Saxophonist, Composer, and Sonic Painter

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan he has had the opportunity to be taught/mentored by musicians such as Marcus Belgrave, Marion Hayden, Buddy Budson, Russ Miller, Steve Woods, and Wendell Harrison. Coming from a musical family Xavier knew at a early age the importance and value of music, which prompted his beginnings in the music scene. In the summer of 2013, at age 16, he toured Europe with the Blue Lake Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Dave Jensen, and has gone on to perform at prominent venues such as the Detroit Jazz Festival.

Xavier Bonner, saxophonist of Last Gasp Collective, merges traditional world music, hip-hop, and the avant-garde to express the human experience. With his ability to reflect the "now", Xavier's performance is sure to capture the heart and mind of the people.

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